5 ways of Migraine Treatments

A migraine is a neurological condition with throbbing pain in the head. The pain of a migraine can last for 4 to 72 hours. Symptoms of migraine pain include nausea, vomiting, blind spot and making more sensitivity to light and sound. Symptoms of migraine pain can vary from person to person.

Hence before looking for Migraine treatments, it should be diagnosed properly to know its cause. It determines based on clinical history, is it a migraine with aura or without aura.
To avoid a Migraine or Migraine treatments, firstly we need to understand what triggers a migraine, this could help you to minimize the chance of occurrence.

There are some Migraine Treatments

1. The first Migraine Treatments is, Avoid exposure to bright lights and loud noise
Migraine headaches are triggered by Loud noises, flashing lights, and sensory stimulation is common. It is difficult to avoid these stimuli, but avoiding the situations and environment causing can help. Which include:

  • Experiencing sun glare
  • Driving in the night
  • Being in a movie theatre for long.

2. The second Migraine Treatments is, Proper Diet

  • Food habits like eating sweeteners, alcohol, chocolates, greasy food should be avoided. Drinking lots of water help in curing the pain to some extent.

3. The Third Migraine Treatments is, Medications

Medications have been designed to treat migraines that may help to prevent migraine pain. The medicines used to deal with migraines fall into two broad categories:

  • Pain-relieving medications:- This type of medications help to abort the pain to some extent and can be taken during its occurrence.
  • Preventive medications:- It helps to reduce the frequency and severity of migraine pain. One can have it on a daily basis.

4. The fourth Migraine Treatments is, Exercise

  • Choosing the right kind of exercise which reduces stress is the very appropriate method of reducing migraines, yoga and stretching are best among them. Prior to exercise, having anti-inflammatory medications also provides relief.

5. The fifth Migraine Treatments is, Avoid stress

  • A migraine results from over-stressing and we don’t have control over it. but we can control the situation or the way we are reacting to it. Stressing effects the hormonal disturbance also.
5 ways of Migraine Treatments

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