Migraine Causes

Migraine Causes

Migraine Causes

Migraine Causes are still a mystery for researchers, as the root cause of it is yet to be find. Some potential theories are there defining some possible migraine causes. Which include genetics and environmental factors, imbalances in brain chemicals or any changes in the trigeminal nerve. During migraine attacks, serotonin levels change resulting to release of chemical neuropeptides. These substances travel in brains outer layers triggering migraine problems.

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Factors triggering migraine

  • Hormonal Changes: Women are more prone to migraine attacks during pregnancy and menopause. Estrogen level drops down, provoking to the tendency of having more migraine problem during or after periods. Medications related to hormones and birth control also triggers it.this is one of the common migraine causes.


  • Food and Food additives: Highly processed food, excessive usage of cheese with salty content induces pain. skipping food or fastening can trigger it. Preservatives and sweetener may also affect people who suffer from migraine pain.


  • Drinks:  Migraine Causes also include consumption of alcohol and caffeinated drinks,as they result headaches.


  • Stress: Excessive stressing about the job and home matters may originate headaches.


  • Environmental Factors: Loud noises, strong smells, stuffy atmosphere or any change in barometric pressure can cause migraine pain.

There are many other factors which incite migraine headaches like lack of sleep, jet lag , any sudden emotional shocks, and genetically issue.

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Migraine Causes

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