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Daith Piercing Relief From Migraine

Someday before I have read a blog about the daith piercing which can relief from migraine pain, Is it right? I don’t know. After that my mind is concentrate to read more about the daith piercing. In some article visitor reviews show the positive response our blog not encourage you to do that. If you are suffering from migraine read carefully before doing daith piercing.Daith piercing is an inner ear piercing is called daith piercing. Daith piercing help to relieve or reduce migraine.  It’s inner ear piercing on the part of cartilage of your ears. You can google of daith piercing for photo and pics how it look.  How it work for reducing the migraine pain? Their opinion is vary person to person – Somebody says it’s  pressure point that reduce the migraine. Some people say its likely placebo effect “Placebo Effect for any instance a person have any symptoms which improve or what appear to be side effect from any treatment” this response is called as placebo effects. Some people say it’s an acupuncture but its not an acupuncture but it work in similar way to maintain the pressure on that point where acupuncturist do pressure on that point through needles.  But if we are talking about acupuncturist they state that the inner ear cartilage is not that point would offer relief from migraine. Its nothing to do that.               Piercing is not risk of harm for your life except if you are piercing from professionals. Ultimately the choice is yours if you want to try daith piercing for relief from migraine you can do that but before you consult from your physician for any risk.  Migaine barrownlife sciences always write a new blogs for our readers.

herbal treament

Are you looking for Herbal Medicine for Migraine?

Herbal Medicine for Migraine

Today, migraine the world 7th major illness, 1 billion people survive from migraine is a debilitating and throbbing pain in the head. As per specialist report and recent researchers studied, it is common and heredity illness that observes in many people and family both is suffering from migraine pain in which women ratio is more as compared to men. Migraine pain is divided into two types as migraine with pain and migraine without pain. Aura is considered a signal which occurs a while ago before the headache occurs. In this kind of migraine pain, one can feel sensitivity towards light and sound, or one can observe zig-zag lines and flashy lights which are known to be a warning sign of migraine pain. Migraine pain without aura doesn’t have any warning signals to define that one can notice; it just causes a severe headache.
To recover from this pain there has been no specific medication to cure sickness completely, but one can reduce the intensity of the pain. There are several herbal medicines for migraine which is generally used by the sufferer as they don’t have side-effects to the body.

Have a LookDaith Piercing Relief From Migraine

Some of the herbal medicine for migraine are listed below


It is the essential nutrient that is vital for one who wants to get fast relief, as it helps in blocking chemicals that transmits pain signals to the brain. Magnesium also balances hormones and stabilizes mood and are widely used as an herbal medicine for migraine

Essential Oils

It is considered as one of the best herbal medicine for migraine as they are readily available. Lavender oil has an aromatic fragrance which improves mood and reduces the head pain.


It helps to fight from toothaches, nausea, and problems related to gastrointestinal.


One of the most common and best herbal medicine for migraine which not only combats with a severe headache but also useful in curing of the stomach pain, cold flu, and neurological problems.

Check this Out5 Facts About Migraine

Apart from all these acupressure also help in the curing of migraine as it stimulates the specific muscle part to release tension and alleviate pain. Yoga and stretching also boost mood to release stress, helping one to manage the pain up to a certain level. Herbal medicine for migraine also includes consumption of feverfew which is derived from drying stems leaves and flowers to reduces inflammation and relief headaches. To get control of migraine pain, a daily diet must not be neglected as many food and drinks trigger migraine pain and which has to be avoided. Processed food and consumption of excess cheese is one of the factors of migraine which needs to be controlled. An adequate amount of water is one of them a way to get relief from migraine pain, as staying hydrated also comes in a solution of herbal medicine for migraine pain. Proper diet and sleeping schedule needs to be checked to get relief from migraine pain.

Sunglasses are a migraine sufferer’s best friend.

Reduce Migraine

Acute Treatment is reduce migraine pain

Migraine is treated with some acute and preventive medication. Sometime they are refractory to standard treatment. As per research report some of migraine drug were designed for another purpose. Migraine effect dis-proportionality affects in men and women for individual and there families also. Migraine are 3 time common in women in compare to men. In the age of 24 – 44 years old women are more sufferers. The migraine effect are different in men and women in physiologically and socially. So many migraine treatment specialist have different prescription and treatment procedure are different for men and women both.  

After the determining the difference effect of migraine in men and women have different risk factors. In earlier age women’s first menstrual cycle may increase migraine risk and the reason behind that change of hormones. Social culture also may be the main factor to increase the migraine. She handle and manage the household and family both. The risk factor for women are higher because of depression, anxiety and headache related issues which arise in frequently manner.If you are migraine preventive medication, you should be carefully for your diet and your daily routine work. Sometime continuity of work without any relaxation, migraine problem may be increase. So everybody should remember if you have taken any prescription from your health care consultant you take proper rest and give relax to your body and mind both. The goal of preventive therapy is improve the patient quality of life and reducing the migraine pain management. Some people have different effect in very frequent manner its depend on the patient to patient. The actute treatment is a successful treatment in migraine the therapy initiate with the medication that have highest level of effectiveness to reduce the migraine pain.   

MOM’s worried from Migraine


If we Pregnant women migraineare talking about the migraine facts in USA, 18 % of women are suffering from migraine on the age of 22-55 years. Women are worried about during her pregnancy time if they suffering from migraine, they think about her child, they faces extra challenges managing migraines if they have. During this time every women needs extra care in pregnancy time.  They plan do what is the best for her baby health. Sometime she feel very scary due her migraine problem. If you are suffering from chronic migraine pain its not easy task to make it through pregnancy after born a baby the challenges do not end there. If you chose the breastfeeding to her baby, women need to take care of her health, your diet as well your lifestyle. Moms control her migraine until you baby he or she is weaned. There are so many health consultant and migraine treatment specialist have very wide opinion about this topic. Pregnant women and lactating both should be consult from your health consultant about the medication to cure yourself and baby also from migraine. Migraine can cause spread or we can say that it increase stress on the baby and the mother also along with deprivation and depression. Estrogen level of women during lactation can delay the return of previous migraines patterns.

Pregnant women or moms have lot of pressure to manage her health and house both, some time they avoid medication. Due to this women can feel sick and suffer from headache. Firstly avoid the pressure do you work in very easy manner with take proper medication for your health which is good for your health and baby health also. Blood level is also play an important role in you breast milk. The higher the level of blood in your body will be higher in your breast milk make.  So, every moms and pregnant women should be care yourself and take preventive medication from migraine. You just proper check-ups in time interval for betterment of your baby. Breast feeding is the activity for moms to make become more health of her baby. So every moms knows that is the best for health.

5 Facts About Migraine

1 billion out of 7.9 billion of population in the world survive from Migraine problems. Migraine means having a very bad headache for time duration. Headache is general problem in all human being but if you are not serious about that it change into migraine on regular basis which effects on your professional and personal life both. If you have symptoms are nausea, dizziness, fatigue, sensitivity of light and sound both, one side head pain, pin stroke pain and temporary blindness. Firstly you consult from your physician.

  1. Facts of Migraine in the world

Its third most common illness in the world where UK and USA in top in the world. 1 in 7 people effect migraine illness. Only US approx. 39 million people are effect from migraine. Whereas chronic migraine is major.

2. One billion people on the Earth have suffered from Migraine whereas women is three-fourth are women. According to researchers report women are very emotional they hormones are weak in compare to men, because the magnesium and iron quantity are less. That’s why women are easy suffered from migraine. The migraine attack frequency is very high as compare to men.

3. Migraine triggers in very wide manner

Migraine can triggers from source of confusion. IT can be vary from patient to patient. Some time it trigger from unexpected source that have no relation to each other. So much stress increase migraine illness, little sleep, dehydration and eating improper food on daily basis is reason of migraine attacks.  

4. Migraine might be heredity

Most of people with migraine illness it runs from his/her family. 80-90% migraine patient report having found this report at least one of his/her family member who has it. If one of family member has suffered from migraine there 50% chances to their child will have to live with migraine.

5. Economical effect cost up to $13 billion annuallyAccording to researchers report worker with migraine not join the office not and lost his/her job which can cost their employers. Its estimated that 113 Million works day are missed annually due to migraine illness which adding upto $13 billion loss.

Migraine Pain


Migraine Pain

A migraine pain is usually categories as a moderate or a severe headache felt lasts 4 to 72 hours. In brief other symptoms of this are such as nausea, numbness, vomiting, and weakness. This might make you more prone to flashy lights and loud sounds.

Migraine pain is not classified as an inherited condition. There is some possibility of genetic involvement if some members of yours are experiencing migraine pain. for this reason, you are more likely to develop a migraine.

Researches show that Global migraine prevalence was 11.6% (95% CI 10.7-12.6%; random effects); 10.4% in Africa, 10.1% in Asia, 11.4% in Europe, 9.7% in North America, 16.4% in Central and South America. When the collective group was stratified, the frequency of migraine pain was 13.8% among females, 6.9% among males, 11.2% among urban residents, 8.4% among rural residents, and 12.4% among school/college student. Globally migraine ranks as the seventh most disabling disease (responsible for 2.9% of all years of life lost to disability/YLDs) and the foremost cause of all neurological disorders.


It normally affects at the age of puberty or people between the age of 35-40 above. Of the common population, the study suggests that 3,000 migraine attacks occur every day. This associate to over 190,000 migraine attack every day in the UK. About 4% of boys and girls in pre-pubertal age suffer from a migraine pain. As children get older there is predominance among girls.

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There are two main types of a migraine. This classification depends on whether the individual experiences any kind of disturbances in senses leading up to a migraine. These are known as auras.


  • Migraine with aura

In other words, it is a classic migraine or a hemiplegic migraine. Which occurs in 25 percent of people who have migraines. Prior to the onset of a headache, a warning symptom occurs known to be an aura. as a result, flashy lights and feeling of numbness or dizziness occur which last for several minutes.


  • Migraine without aura

This is the most common type of a migraine pain occurring in people, 70-90% of people with migraine experience this type. During this type of a migraine, you will be likely to feel sick and may vomit or have diarrhea. It makes you more sensitive to lights and sounds.

Other than above two there are some more types of a migraine related to specific syndromes or triggers, including:

Chronic migraine: It triggers attacks on over 15 days of the month.

Menstrual migraine: This triggers during mensuration cycle in certain pattern.

Hemiplegic migraine: For a temporary period it makes numb one side of the body.

Abdominal migraine: Mainly occurs in children under 14 years of connecting migraine attacks to irregular function in the gut and abdomen.

Migraine with brainstem aura: This is a rare type of a migraine that can trigger severe neurological symptoms, such as affected speech.

There is no cure for migraine pain, as a result, some treatments are specified to have some relaxations. Migraine treatment can help to cure symptoms and avoid future attacks to a certain range. Many medications have intended to treat the cause of a migraine trigger.

Need Medicine to treat migraine


Migraine Treatment

Migraine Treatment

Migraine Treatment

Migraine Treatment

There is no cure for migraines, as a result, some treatments are specified to have some relaxations. Migraine treatment can help to cure symptoms in effect to avoid future attacks to a certain range. Many medications have intended to treat the cause of a migraine trigger. Medications used to fight migraines fall into two broad categories:

Migraine Pain-relieving medications: These types of drugs are use during migraine attacks and to get relief from it meanwhile. In other words, known as an acute or abortive treatment.

A migraine Preventive medications : Use of these medications are on regularly basis to reduce the severity of pain. For this reason it uses often on a daily basis prior to the symptoms.

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Pain-relieving medications

It is best to take the medications as soon as you experience the symptoms of a migraine attack. This type of migraine medication is also known as an acute or abortive treatment.

Triptans: These medications are generally used in treating migraines. This includes sumatriptan (Imitrex), and eletriptan (Relpax) Some more are rizatriptan (Maxalt), almotriptan (Axert),  frovatriptan (Frova) .Side effects of triptans include reactions at the injection site, nausea, dizziness, drowsiness and muscle weakness.

Ergotamine : It is more effective when consumed at the start of pain or which last more than 48 hours.

Dihydroergotamine (D.H.E. 45, Migranal): It is an ergot derivative that is more effective and hence has fewer side effects than ergotamine. Therefore it’s also less likely to lead to medication-overuse headaches. It’s available as a nasal spray and in injection form.

Anti-nausea medications: In case of nausea,medication for migraine treatment is usually ate with other medications. Prescribed medications are chlorpromazine, metoclopramide (Reglan) or prochlorperazine (Compro)

Preventive Migraine

It reduces the severity and length of migraine pain. They do not provide complete relief and have some side-effects . Hence it shall be prescribed from a doctor before consumption. This migraine treatment include –

  • Cardiovascular drugs
  • Antidepressants
  • Anti-seizure drugs
  • OnabotulinumtoxinA (Botox)
  • Erenumab-aooe (Aimovig)
  • Biperiden hydrochloride-migraine
  • Clobazam(10mg)


Migraine Causes

Migraine Causes

Migraine Causes

Migraine Causes are still a mystery for researchers, as the root cause of it is yet to be find. Some potential theories are there defining some possible migraine causes. Which include genetics and environmental factors, imbalances in brain chemicals or any changes in the trigeminal nerve. During migraine attacks, serotonin levels change resulting to release of chemical neuropeptides. These substances travel in brains outer layers triggering migraine problems.

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Factors triggering migraine

  • Hormonal Changes: Women are more prone to migraine attacks during pregnancy and menopause. Estrogen level drops down, provoking to the tendency of having more migraine problem during or after periods. Medications related to hormones and birth control also triggers it.this is one of the common migraine causes.


  • Food and Food additives: Highly processed food, excessive usage of cheese with salty content induces pain. skipping food or fastening can trigger it. Preservatives and sweetener may also affect people who suffer from migraine pain.


  • Drinks:  Migraine Causes also include consumption of alcohol and caffeinated drinks,as they result headaches.


  • Stress: Excessive stressing about the job and home matters may originate headaches.


  • Environmental Factors: Loud noises, strong smells, stuffy atmosphere or any change in barometric pressure can cause migraine pain.

There are many other factors which incite migraine headaches like lack of sleep, jet lag , any sudden emotional shocks, and genetically issue.

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