About 20-25% of people suffering from a migraine is notice to have experienced aura. It’s a pre-warning phase occurring before a headache.

This is most often reviewed phases of a migraine, where one experience visual disorders. Aura is a neurological disorder which lasts to 5-20 minutes.



  • Blind spots
  • Witnessing zig-zag lines
  • Seeing Flashy Lights
  • Vision loss or change in vision
  • Witnessing flickering spots or stars
  • Blurred visions
  • Acupressure
  • Change in Diet
  • Usage of essential oil
  • Consuming more ginger
  • Proper stress management
  • Yoga and stretching
  • Biofeedback therapy

What Causes Migraine Aura

The main reason for its origination is yet debatable among Scientists. Therefore several chemical changes in the plays a vital role in this. An electrical or chemical wave travels across the brain disturbing normal functionality of visual nerves.

This wave excites trigeminal nerves, releasing neurotransmitters thus resulting in a change of a blood vessel size. The change in size generates visual nerves to create a hallucination. Hence this phase is aura migraine phase.

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Temporary visual and sensory disturbances in the body before migraine strikes is a migraine aura. It occurs with no or little headaches in age 50 or above.

Visual symptoms-

  • Blind spots
  • Witnessing zig-zag lines
  • Seeing Flashy Lights
  • Vision loss or change in vision
  • Witnessing flickering spots or stars
  • Blurred visions


This disturbance speeds up from central vision field to outward field. this cause difficulty in focussing on small objects. fortification spectrum is the best known visual aura. For the reason, its pattern resembles the walls of a medieval fort. It may start as a small hole of light or sometimes as bright geometrical lines and shapes in your visual field.


Elaborate hallucination can appear in some cases which are known as “Alice in Wonderland syndrome”. This type of disturbances includes twists and twirling black-hole like images.

Sensory symptoms

Other than visual, to explain more there are some sensory disturbances with aura

  • Numbness or tingling felt in hands or toes
  • Difficulty in languages and speeches
  • Muscles Weakness
  • Difficulty in smelling or hearing
  • paresthesia: prickling, stinging, and burning.
  • vertigo: a sensation of whirling or spinning.


Sensory and visual Aura can occur at the same time, beings with numbness or sensations in arms or limbs. This spreads all over the body in 10-20 minutes. Another aura causes momentary, speech or language difficulties referred to as a Dysphasic aura. Sometimes the limbs and face on one side of your body get weak.  As a result, another name of it is a hemiplegic migraine.

Diagnosis of a Migraine aura

In the first place, migraine aura follows with headache attacks in most of the people. Fewer is the case when head pain is not felt with aura, which lasts to 20 minutes. A doctor can diagnose aura attack if the sufferer has at least two attacks of neurological disturbances.

Aura attack is only notifying with patients having migraine aura, as without migraine aura is also one of the migraine types.

Migraine aura has divided into the following sub-categories:

  • a migraine with typical aura
  • a migraine with brainstem aura,
  • a hemiplegic migraine, and
  • a retinal migraine.

Sometimes these symptoms are being noticeable two days before the migraine attack. Concern your doctor, if you experience any above signs in you. Your doctor will examine some physical test, reflexive actions and senses to test your brain nerves.


It is important to realize that there is no specific treatment to cure Migraine aura. Instead, symptoms are treated to cater the aura attacks. A migraine with aura treatment comes into two categories: symptom relief and prevention. Symptom relief from simple actions to a prescription drug.

A doctor prescribed easy and quick steps to pain relief include sleeping and resting with eyes closed in a silent, darkened room.

Using cold absorbent material or ice packs on the forehead, consuming fluids, and having needed amounts of caffeine. All in all, this methods helps in treating migraine aura. Sometimes, symptom-relief treatment for migraines with aura makes it possible to recover from the symptoms. Hence the patient gets a cure through a migraine pain.

Migraine Aura can be cured from consuming some herbal treatment

Change in Diet – Being known to the fact of what might be triggering a migraine is difficult. Some people use a food diary or migraine journal in order to keep track of potential triggers.

Having slight changes in diet or eating patterns to avoid what triggers a migraine can help to prevent migraines in the future.

Usage of essential oil – Essential oils are often considered among the best way of natural remedies. it is also used as an antimicrobial in homemade cleaning products.

Lavender is an essential oil often prescribed as a remedy for stress, anxiety, and headaches.

 Consuming more ginger – One definite advantage for people who get migraines is that consuming ginger cannot harm and, aside from an existing allergy, there are no side effects of it.

Herbal Supplements–  two herbal supplements that may be helpful in curing migraine aura and frequency of pain are       Butterbur and feverfew. Usage of herbs should be after prescription as it has some side-effects

Use of Magnesium-Deficiency of magnesium may cause migraine aura or a menstrual-migraine headache. as magnesium is an essential mineral hence increasing its amount can help in curing.

Other natural treatments are-

Acupressure– Acupressure includes the application of pressure to certain parts of the body. Stimulating the exact points of the body to which it relates to. Furthermore, it helps to release muscle tension and cure pain.

Biofeedback therapy-It is a therapy that people practice to cause the release of and relaxation of tight muscles. Biofeedback needs good practice and training. Placing sensory nerves on the muscles feed into a small machine, gives real-time feedback. In other words,it gives information about muscle tension and helps in removing muscles tension.

Proper stress management–  Stress is the most common factor of triggering migraines. Stress can also create a cycle where migraine pain worsens the stress, which then triggers another migraine.

Finding ways for reducing stress r such as journaling, exercise, or meditation, may help to prevent aura attack.

Yoga and stretching – It is important to realize that it helps in improving blood flow and lessen muscle tension. thus treating the symptoms for people who get migraine aura.