Postdrome Migraine

A Silent Pain: Postdrome Migraine

Migraine is a very dangerous illness it creates the complex condition of people. That has multiple symptoms phase of head pain. We are talking about the migraine postdrome stage that is called migraine hangover. During the phase of postdrome migraine, there are some symptoms like fatigue, weakness, body ache, neck stiffness, the sensitivity of light, moodiness, and trouble to a concentration of work.

The postdrome migraine will resolve within a day or may it take two days or more days. If these symptoms arise in a frequent manner then ask your healthcare provider for better treatment. Sometimes you can use the cold compresses or heating pad its depend on your pain intensity. Sometimes you feel your head is sore and your brain is very tired. It feels like a hangover that time you can take caffeine through tea or coffee, its good in migraine pain but sometime it may harmful. In postdrome, the entire body is affected due to this pain.

This is the fourth and final phase of a migraine attack. Sometimes we are not identified about the postdrome phase, when your body will affect due to pain, you feel tired and exhaust from your work. It affects your whole body not only your head or forehead part. The health hygiene is very helpful to prevent the postdrome migraine, consistently practiced of headache hygiene. This hygiene maybe reduces the severity and length of migraine hangover. Take Caffeine during the postdrome phase that can have positive effects, there is some food which also relief from the migraine and some tactics that are used during the postdrome attack like an ice pack, heating pads, massage and additional rest in the darkroom. Please avoid the trigger, there is some specific factor that may increase the migraine attack.

The migraineurs have a sensitive nervous system that can lead the migraine. We find the solution to recover our migraine postdrome pain and get back to our work. Consider your daily work routine in a proper way. Sometimes if you feel like the light sensitivity as symptoms of migraine consider the limiting use of light in your house or make a dark room where the light sensitivity is too low. If you using the computer for work, the brightness of the monitor should below. Daily walk and meditation are also very helpful to prevent the migraine attack. Get proper sleep like 7 to 9 hours each day. Drink plenty of water that helps hydrate your body and relax your mind.

Nutrition food also plays an important role in migraine pain. Fresh vegetable, grains, and source of protein are good nutrition food. Your healthcare provider also giving you the medication in the form of tablets and capsule you should take in proper time. Herbal remedies are also very effective for the treatment of migraine. Turmeric and ginger are very popular remedies which are used in migraine treatment. You can take essential oils for instant relaxation from migraine. Essential oils are very popular for migraine treatment it prevents the migraine pain in all phases. If you use on a daily basis only 2-3 drop of oil rub on your forehead it is very effective to prevent migraine pain.

A Silent Pain: Postdrome Migraine

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