5 Facts About Migraine

1 billion out of 7.9 billion of population in the world survive from Migraine problems. Migraine means having a very bad headache for time duration. Headache is general problem in all human being but if you are not serious about that it change into migraine on regular basis which effects on your professional and personal life both. If you have symptoms are nausea, dizziness, fatigue, sensitivity of light and sound both, one side head pain, pin stroke pain and temporary blindness. Firstly you consult from your physician.

  1. Facts of Migraine in the world

Its third most common illness in the world where UK and USA in top in the world. 1 in 7 people effect migraine illness. Only US approx. 39 million people are effect from migraine. Whereas chronic migraine is major.

2. One billion people on the Earth have suffered from Migraine whereas women is three-fourth are women. According to researchers report women are very emotional they hormones are weak in compare to men, because the magnesium and iron quantity are less. That’s why women are easy suffered from migraine. The migraine attack frequency is very high as compare to men.

3. Migraine triggers in very wide manner

Migraine can triggers from source of confusion. IT can be vary from patient to patient. Some time it trigger from unexpected source that have no relation to each other. So much stress increase migraine illness, little sleep, dehydration and eating improper food on daily basis is reason of migraine attacks.  

4. Migraine might be heredity

Most of people with migraine illness it runs from his/her family. 80-90% migraine patient report having found this report at least one of his/her family member who has it. If one of family member has suffered from migraine there 50% chances to their child will have to live with migraine.

5. Economical effect cost up to $13 billion annually According to researchers report worker with migraine not join the office not and lost his/her job which can cost their employers. Its estimated that 113 Million works day are missed annually due to migraine illness which adding upto $13 billion loss.

5 Facts About Migraine

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